Recruiting Services

Ameri-Force has over 80 years of experience in staffing hard to fill positions in management alone.

Employment Placement Specialists are trained to match skills and qualifications to the appropriate jobs. They have a vast knowledge of all crafts used when selecting the most qualified applicants for a specific customer. They find the right applicants for the job and ensure that those applicants have a clear understanding of all of the pertinent information about each job including scope of work and duration of the assignment.

At Ameri-Force, we have a comprehensive screening process for all applicants that includes verifying experience listed on applicant resumes.

And thanks to technology, we have the ability to ramp up quickly in response to large service requests.  Not only do we have and maintain a large database segmented by worker type and performance, but we have additional tools such as automated multi-line dialing and computerized contact channels that allow us to reach hundreds of applicants in an expedited manner to inform them of current job needs.

We have hosted or attended several job fairs nationally providing potential employees with first hand information about current and future job openings.

If you would like to speak with an Employment Placement Specialist to help you with your job search call 800-522-8998 or email

If you would like to speak with a Sales Person to fill a need for qualified individuals call 800-522-8998